Access to International Finance from the UK Could be the Answer you are Looking For

Following many years of experience since the ‘new 86 Act and its amendments and indeed considerably prior thereto a number of ‘grumpy old men’ ( lawyers, accountants, Insolvency practitioners, financiers and brokers ) agreed to combine their knowledge and experience to create dynamic, cost effective and above all practical solutions to most debt related problems.

Whether you are over-spending or over-trading, borrowing ( from necessity ) out of control, dodging bailiffs and avoiding process servers bearing pressing news from the Bankruptcy Courts, we can help.

If it is hopeless financially we’ll advise you how to regain control and ‘let you down’ as easily as possible. If there’s a way through e.g. unofficial or official Voluntary Arrangements ( corporate or personal ) we’ll assist. We buy the most important commodity you need at this time which is time itself.

As we do that we’ll set about sorting you ( or your firm or company ) out e.g. re-financing your business, consolidating your loans, re-mortgaging, replacing your debentures, negotiating with the revenue and the VAT , local authorities. as well as all your creditors etc.

If its saveable we’ll save it, if it isn’t we’ll investigate and help you to minimise the consequences.

IT’S NEVER AS BAD AS YOU THINK, BUT REMEMBER NOTHING IS SO BAD THAT IT CAN’T GET WORSE, the most destructive thing you can do is to ignore the problem. ‘